© 2018 by Whiskey Emerson

A Mosaic of Emotive Allegories

V I S I O N S started as just that: visions.


Through some serious methods of meditation, I was able to crack into a part of my subconscious I didn’t realize had been there, waiting for me to find it.

Immediately I was engrossed in an experience hard to describe, and very rapidly I felt the walls of my soul start to break down and crumble. The next thing I knew, these visions were exploding onto paper, and initially I had no idea what to do with them. With the hope that they might speak to someone struggling or in pain, I decided that I would take a chance and share them.

From this inspiration I started to dream up a mosaic of emotive allegories addressing some of the mental and emotional challenges that I and so many others face, often on a daily basis. With the expressed intention of making these pieces universal, I did my best to tell a short story, with the hope it speaks to the reader in their own context. 

Ever Friday, Visions will be released in parable form on my Instagram page, and I am thrilled and terrified to be sharing some of the deepest depths of my soul with you.


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