In a post-apocalyptic world following the ravages of a global pandemic, a small faction of women battle for survival against a rogue army unit, cannibals, and other tribes of warring humans in what is left of their town of Bend, Oregon.

Rationem: an account…a story…a reason. And a title.

I started writing a little sci fi tale last summer with every intention of it being a therapeutic novella to emotionally deal with the global pandemic. Quickly, it became a different reflection, a far more personal one which I didn’t even realize was spilling out of me the book was nearly complete. The last two and a half years of my life have been some of the hardest I’ve ever faced, and simultaneously, some of the best years I have experienced yet .

I have lost more than I ever thought I could and still be breathing, and I surprised myself by not only surviving but learning how to thrive in chaos. A hard, painful, and valuable lesson.

Then, I took that shit, and made it into a post-apocalyptic thrill ride of a novel.

Still, what Rationem is really about isn’t just a global pandemic. It isn’t just about rogue army units or cannibal tribes or a Mad Max: Fury Road level of gunfighting, action, and adventure.

It’s about finding your people. Fighting for them. Loving them. Doing everything you can for each other when times are hard. When I moved to Bend, I had no inclination whatsoever that what I would find here would save me – and what I found here was family.

Rationem is a love song to my friends. The badass bitches who make my heart soar, who make me a better human being, who see me for who I am; and of course, the men who have our backs when we need them.

So as I endeavor to get Rationem published, I am releasing an unedited, raw version of the original novel, chapter by chapter, on audio in podcast form. To listen, click the link below, and get ready for one hell of a wild ride.