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One hundred and fifty years ago, New York City was not the city it is today. It was a hellish metropolis, a machine fueled and controlled by political corruption, murder, violence, and extortion. A place where no life was sacred...a place not for the faint of heart.


Welcome to the world of West of Hell, book one of the West of Hell trilogy.

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In order to provide a greater understanding of West of Hell, I have referenced some additional articles that give the reader a deeper look at the background of this story.

These articles could be anything ranging from a real historical figure within the plotline to a specific brand of tobacco or whiskey.

As a side note, some of these articles or excerpts were also what assisted me in creating West of Hell, but please keep in mind that while certain parts of this novel are real, others are fiction. I only want to offer readers the ability to learn and experience New York City during this volatile time in the same way I did. 

It's absolutely fascinating.

At the top where you find the menu bar, simply go to the drop tab below Related Articles, and you can find many of my sources there.





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